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While driving a car, open the door and climb out onto the hood while the car continues to roll. It is typical for one to dance around on the hood while the car is ghostin.
"Ghost ride the whip while we dancin on the hood"

-Mac Dre, Get Stupid(Remix)
od uživatele yadidimean mate 30. říjen 2005
Yet another way that natural selection is working it's way into pop culture.
Damned fool got his ass killed trying to ghost ride.
od uživatele Thra11 20. srpen 2006
To Ghost Ride The Whip

Ghost riding is the act of getting out of your car while it is in neutral or while it is in drive and dance around the car, on top of the car, or behind the car. Ghost riding was populized with the wave of hip-hop know as hyphy and with songs by e-40 and the Federation. The act of ghost riding was thought up of by the people of the san fran bay area but now is being utilized by many teenagers around the u.s.
i was rollin through southside oakland and i saw some of my niggas ghost ridin da whip, man dat shit is tight.

"Ghost ride the whip"
od uživatele Lil' RyRy aka $Big Money$ aka Straight Gutta 06. duben 2006
getting out of your car while its in motion and usually dancing beside or on it. originated in the bay area, specifically in oakland (the town) as a result of sideshows and similar events. a line of people ghostriding their cars/whips is known as a hyphy train

also, you do NOT need push your car... just leave it in gear when you get out and it's all good
I get dumb dumb with the windows tinted
cops pull the benz over ain't nobody in it
ghostride the whip, ghostride ya shit
when I get writer's block I'll ghostride your bitch
od uživatele baydisciple 23. květen 2006
To "ghost ride" or "ghost riding" is when a driver places his car in neutral, or cruises at a low speed approx. 5-10 mph everyone in the vehicle opens all the doors and walks along side the car, steps on the hood or the roof of the car while dancing to heart pounding rap music.

"Ghost riding" was invented in the Country Club Crest of Vallejo, Ca by rap artist: J Diggs, then was popularized by E 40 in his hit video "Tell me when to go". The "REAL" Ghost ridn' can be seen on "Treal Tv #2", J Diggs shows where it came from and how to "ghost ride your whip.

Ghost riding started off as a neighborhood expression, then later a city thing, to a Bay Area thing, now a worldwide expression of having fun and has become the culture of many youth in today's world starting from the Bay Area in Northern California

Ghost ride the whip, now watch em' swang, go stupid go dumb dumb..tell me when ta go.....E40
od uživatele Bethel Boy 23. duben 2007
Back in the day, a ghost ride was when you rode your bike straight down the road, jump off, and watch the bike go as if a ghost was riding it.
Matt did a ghost ride, but his bike ended up crashing in the nieghbours yard.
od uživatele sid for you 03. květen 2006
A bunch of retards who run around next to their car while its still moving.
Bob: Did you just see that f**kin idiot?
Fred: Oh, you mean the guy with a t shirt so big it looked like a dress, running next to his hoopty-ass cheverolet?
Bob: Yeah, that guy. He's ghost riding his whip.
Fred: Ghost ride huh? F**kin idiot.
od uživatele oakland bob fred 03. listopad 2007
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