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Used to describe female pyhsique. Particularly her stomach and breasts. When a female's stomach sticks out further then her breasts. aka (When her gut sticks out further then her rack)
She's got a Gack
When her gut sticks out further then her rack.
od uživatele Rob K 24. Červenec 2006
17 44
The slimy substance (usually green) that was dumped on people in earyl Nickelodeon tv shows
"Thats the incorrect answer so you get drenched by a bucket of gack"
od uživatele Cane 01. Květen 2005
21 48
The noise that animate objects make when you sharply grab their neck. Most commonly found in birds and humans.
Father: Go ahead and grab it son.
Son: Ok.
Little Boy: gaaacck
Son: Haha! This is fun.
Little Boy: *gasp* aack gaaah!
od uživatele Psionics 17. Listopad 2004
6 33
The unknown fluid or mass created as a result of decomposition.
Dude, you gotta bury that roadkill. That gack is starting to run down the hill.
od uživatele BrightApollo 07. Březen 2003
7 34
a name for a sexual organ, usually the female one.
oh man wouldnt mind of bit of that gack!
od uživatele maddawg 101 25. Březen 2009
1 29
the hard crusty substance found on a mans used underpants
Deirdre: jesus john, the gack on your boxers! no way i'm riding you now!!!
od uživatele Griffin.vsMcCahill 30. Říjen 2007
8 36
gack is a word meaning unpleasant repulsive disgusting hideous nauseating can be applied to ppl food drink music and pete doherty!
jesus look at her shes a pig shes gack!!
this lasagne is gack who th hell taught you to cook??!!
pete doherty is gack!
od uživatele johnireland 26. Říjen 2007
10 38