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a family friend that some would consider a cousin, but since they're not blood related they're your fuzzin.
I have people coming over for New Years
Really, who?
My fuzzins.
Oh okay
od uživatele katalina kartaridge 06. Leden 2008
8 4
a person who is a blood related cousin to you who is equally as much friend as he/she is cousin.
"I'm going to hang out with matt tonight"
"oh your cousin"
"no, he's my fuzzin"
od uživatele Charlie Waitt 06. Prosinec 2007
5 2
Fucking Buzzing.

Totally buzzing it, super tipsy.
Dude, I'm totally fuzzin.

Yeah no shit, that's why you can't walk straight.
od uživatele jasmine fleshh 14. Červen 2010
3 3
Short term for fuckin cousin
Ay I want to introduce you to my fuzzin
od uživatele Sane Capone 19. Červen 2008
2 10