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a furpile is pile of furries
all those cute furries are in a furpile
od uživatele joppy - gomamon.1@gmail.com 02. Červen 2006
A group of furries, usually taking a rest, that slowly grows with the accumulation of more members; this occurrance is rarely sexual, but is depicted as so in popular T.V. programs such as CSI.
The small group of furries sitting by the wall became a fur pile within minutes.
od uživatele J.K.K. 08. Říjen 2010
A furry orgy.
"Did you see how many furries were on that furpile?
od uživatele Ember December 16. Duben 2009
1. A fur pile is a common occurance at anime conventions where groups of furries have large public orgies
The entrance to the Anime Convention was blocked by a large fur pile. There was fur everywhere!
od uživatele Clove Refield 01. Leden 2008