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When you are fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
od uživatele Taconvino 02. Červenec 2003
214 47
The state of being Fucked up beyond all recognition.
So many repeats of the same definition for this word makes this definition Fubared.
od uživatele Moostang 08. Září 2003
39 10
VERB. To fubar: to fuck up beyond all repair. To be fucked up beyond all repair, recognition or reward. REF FUBAR and F.U.B.A.R.
« Your laptop is fubared, dude. »
« While trying to repair it I ended up fubaring my motorcycle. »
od uživatele Fray Monkini 05. Červenec 2009
28 13
When you're fucked up beyond all REPAIR.
You are completely fubared, my friend.
od uživatele Kimmie 18. Srpen 2003
42 47
fucked up beyond absolute recognition
Talking about last night's party where the cops showed up to check for drugs:
"yo, that party last night was totally fubared"
od uživatele az 18. Říjen 2003
28 46
Fucked Up Beyond Any Redemption
God looked at the sinner and said...Son, I can't help you...you are FUBARED!

George Bush Senior said the same to POTUS.
od uživatele Vijay Marur 23. Červen 2004
14 43