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Previous convictions
He's got form - two sentences for assault and one for burglary.
od uživatele Barber 13. Červenec 2003
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to describe a "hot" chick
to coment on the perfection of the body
check her out,
she's got form
od uživatele griffman 10. Červenec 2005
A Northern Irish term used to ask somebody how they are.
How's the form?
od uživatele Fannyboyrockandroll 15. Srpen 2010
(F)emale or (M)ale ? -- when you tell someone something and at the end they have no clue about what you told them to diss them
-Did you go to the party last night? It was just amazing.
Unfotunatly, Sara & John didn't come.
-How did Sara dress up?
-f or m ?
od uživatele UnNamed1692 13. Listopad 2007
Form (v.) To Lie, to make untrue statements, to make outrageous accusations against another.

Also: Formed (past tense)and Formin' (gerund)
He said he slept with me! He formed that!

He totally formed this story about fucking Pam Anderson.

She tried to say that I didn't give her back her skirt! Girl, she always be formin'!!
od uživatele Ashley Wedding 26. Září 2005

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