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when you taste something so good there are literally no words to describe it
Oh my God, I'm having a foodgasm right now, this donut is amazing!
od uživatele ttsy 14. Leden 2009
15 11
a foodgasm is an orgasm of flavors received by a delicious meal
mostly expressed by moaning sounds after taking a bite out of the certain meal
george: ( looking surprised ) what the hell is going on here?
Martha: ( moaning like crazy ) oh my god this is so good!
george: eggs made you do that? i never made you do that!
Martha: you can't even give me an orgasm you expect to give me a Foodgasm ? dream on (continues munching on the eggs)
od uživatele Voiceoverdude 20. Únor 2010
8 6
when you eat food and you feel like you're having an orgasm in your mouth
"duuude, that burger that you posted on instagram looked sooo good"
"yeah it was, i had a total foodgasm from it"
od uživatele itsdanisunshine 04. Únor 2014
1 0
the feeling that you get when you eat something really awesome
i just had a foodgasm after eating the hot brownie sundae
od uživatele muffin46 16. Červen 2011
6 5
Is the event when a food product brings on an orgasm, usually most common when eating steak or apple crumble...
Person 1....omg this steak is ama......AHHHHH

Person 2 : did you just Food-Gasm?
od uživatele hairyape1 04. Únor 2010
2 1
When the food you are eating is so awesome....
Poss is having a foodgasm over this seafood!
od uživatele nanamolly 06. Listopad 2010
3 5
The taking of extreme pleasure or indulgence upon eating an especially good entree'.
Jack: Hey do you want some of this chicken?
Tre': Sure. I would love some.
Jack: Hey whats up with Tre'? Hes yelling and rolling on the floor screaming out of sheer delight.
Steven: I think hes having a foodgasm.
od uživatele laquante'shiquamoniquechandel 04. Červen 2009
8 10