A word originating in Edinburgh meaning vagina.
"Your Foo looks pretty!"
od uživatele AndySmith 02. Září 2005
"foo" is frequently used by black gangtas as an abbreviated form of the word "fool".
It is sometimes used in a non-offensive way.
"Foo, you scored up ma ride!"
"You better watch yo'self, foo"

"Sup bro, how you been doin', foo!"
od uživatele puttytangman 16. Květen 2005
A person that is Foolish
whats up foo? you ready for that party?
od uživatele -=\\MAD MIKE//=- 02. Květen 2005
a fool; gangsta slang
"shut up foo"
"don't be a dumbass, you foo"
od uživatele Cassie 23. Duben 2005
Any living being that Mr. T pities under given circumstances defined by Mr. T himself.
Mr. T: "I pity the fool who tries and takes over the world"
od uživatele GoShogun 24. Březen 2005
Solitary ingredient of weight-watchers' Egg Foo Yung.
Use no egg, use no yung. Sprinkle with foo and serve.
od uživatele baldpuss 26. Leden 2005
A replacement word for "hippo"
or when you are very mad

it DOES not mean "fuck you"
"Sally, I lost your credit card!..."

od uživatele Bailz of Hay 06. Prosinec 2004

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