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meaning for free, like...for free??
you say: Yo! Can I get this fo' freezy?
they say: Hell naw!
you say: Damn!
od uživatele DJ Lex 21. Březen 2005
slang such as FO SHO! used by cool people down in the eastside.
" yo man did u bang dat chick frum last night ? "
" fo freezy, dawg. "
od uživatele u love joann's d!ck 08. Září 2006
fresh! the clean feeling you get after getting out of the shower.
AJ: i have a hott date tonight.
Bennett: well you better take a shower.
Bennett: Hey AJ how do you feel?
AJ: fofreezy!!!
od uživatele Bennett, AJ 02. Červen 2007