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It is a person who is a FOOD SNOB. When merged together they create the word ... FNOB!
A FNOB is a person who only buys expensive food, because they think that cheaper food is degrading ...

For example, my own mother will only shop at Sainsbury's and feels 'scabby' when she even goes near the proximity of Lidl!
od uživatele Charli21 28. Červenec 2010
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another word for nob.
i.e an idiot, dickead

could also be interpreted as fucking nob, but i feel thats a bit extreme.
'wendy your such a fnob'
'oh guuuuyyyysss :('
od uživatele Gem111 23. Říjen 2007
4 2
French Nerdy Obsticle Baron
Those bloody French, fnobbing about, they look like nerdy fools running an obsticle course just to get to the nearest drug baron
od uživatele Terry Wrist 21. Srpen 2007
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