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Any portable computer with a clamshell form factor that is damaged in a particular manner. The clutcbes that hold the screen portion open at the desired angle have failed, meaning that the screen require some other sort of support, otherwise it 'flops' to a full open position all the time.
"I got a secondhand iBook, it was really cheap because it's a floptop"
od uživatele Shalroth 13. Květen 2005

Slova související s flop top

alopecia hair hawt male pattern baldness sohrab thin
when a male is balding and has full, thick hair on the sides and back of his head but the top consists of a few thin hairs flopping around.

a mop top gone awry.
Ever since Sohrab stopped shaving his head he's been sportin a mad flop top.

Homer Simpson has the best flop top ever.
od uživatele NARFKARTA 28. Prosinec 2008
The exact opposite of a boner.
That fat, ugly girl gave me a Flop-top.
od uživatele jokerface249 25. Červen 2009