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to stimulate the females lady lips with the hand in a manner as if feeding a hungry horse.
'did you feed her horse last night'?
'yes it was very hungry'
od uživatele paul claydon 12. Prosinec 2003
141 54
Slang for female masturbation. It originates from the similarity in motions between the two activities.
It's 9 o'clock, so she'll be feeding the horses again.
od uživatele Bobby Bob Bob Bob 01. Listopad 2003
14 6
placing a banana hammock over your ears so you can feed someone oats or carrots from where a mans junk was.
although it smelled like a jock strap, it was truly amazing when i saw him feeding the horse from across the room. i threw in a couple extra dollars.
od uživatele b2m2c2nyc2 02. Duben 2011
18 41