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One who is feeble, usually mentally, but occasionally physically as well.
That old lady surrounded by all the seagulls looks like a feeb; let's take her purse.
od uživatele echolocator 05. Říjen 2003
227 63
n. slang word derived from the phrase "feeble-minded." Describes one who is unbearably insipid or odious.
God, that substitute teacher is such a feeb! She was talking about how she wries on her grandmother's wedding dress when she is bored.
od uživatele Sarah Élisabeth de Forcheville 04. Květen 2005
113 36
An assclown, which practices assclownery at an exponential level , when compared to a regular assclown. This is an assclown whose own stupidity can actually change the Earth's gravitational pull.
That guy wasn't an assclown, he was an outright feeb.
od uživatele Vinny D. 15. Leden 2003
175 99
Special Agents of the FBI
I was workin' the bank robbery, had interviewed all the witnesses, and then the Feebs showed up.
od uživatele Lawman 17. Říjen 2003
43 20
1. Someone who is feeble, either in body or mind.

2. Derogatory term for an FBI agent, usually used by officers of the NYPD.
Man, look at that idiot feeb, he thinks he's blending in. 'Undercover', yeah right....
od uživatele Zen Gwen 27. Květen 2006
65 43
An acronym for Fix Everbody Else's Bull Shit.
I'm tired of this FEEBS job. I should have been a garbage man. No wait, I already am!
od uživatele Gurn Blanston 23. Květen 2008
15 7
Someone who lacks strength
Moby didn't stand much of a chance when he got jumped because he is "feebs".
od uživatele Vegas 24. Březen 2003
18 13