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To be the most epic.

1. Epic
2. Epicer
3. Epicest

E.G. - To be way better than anything else in the entire known and unknown internet.

Hey Matt , your new shirt is epicest... fosho


This cake is epicest... I can't believe it's a lie...
od uživatele Giraffesyo 01. Září 2008
31 14
a word to describe something so epic that it can't really get anymore epicer.
alex made a tower of cards, it was the epicest thing i've ever seen, you totally can't beat that.
od uživatele Rae93 18. Duben 2009
8 5
the most epic
'i just made the epicest sandwich'
od uživatele curlz75 04. Květen 2010
3 2
A word used to describe something that is more epic than normal. Normally used at times when normal words can not explain the epicness
After my girlfriend found out how old i really was, she respoded, "Thats the epic-est thing i've heard all day..."
od uživatele Gravity Ninja 02. Srpen 2009
1 1