-Bay Area way to describe as an adjective something extreme.
My Jordans is dumass clean.
od uživatele Leemo79 28. Září 2006
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This is how idiots spell dumbass.
It's dumbass, not dumass, dumbass.
od uživatele Balls 2 Heavy 22. Červenec 2006
An illiterate's version of dumb ass.
The dumb ass writes dumass for dumb ass.
od uživatele Alexandre Dumas 13. Únor 2006
The main plot of an A&W Root Beer commercial that aired several years ago in the USA, which depicts a man at a job interview repeatedly saying the name of the company and the boss--pronounced incorrectly--as "dumbass" instead of "Dumass" (without the "B" and pronounced "doo-mas"), which ironically ends with Mr. Dumass saying, "what a dumbass!"
Interviewee: Mr. Dumbass, I can bring a lot to Dumbass and Dumbass. I'm a go-getter! Dumbass material all the way! So, am I your man, Mr. Dumbass?
Interviewer: The name... Is Dumass.

YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=tMe3WDmxBEI
od uživatele EdWaRdW818 27. Únor 2008
Someone who may be intelligent, but who does something classically stupid which would infer that he/she is in actuality unintelligent. Someone who acts negatively and out of character and is reprimanded, in jest, by their peers. Similar to the UK's "wanker", but used more lightly and with humor in Canada.
Cheating on a Hot, Sweet Girlfriend / Climbing Buildings while intoxicated with loafers / Peeing too close to metal in -28 weather / Deciding it's a good time to explore your emotional, feminine side at the Urinals in the Club / Getting Caught with exam answers in micro-print, taped to your HB pencil... Female: Putting Nair on your Eyebrows / Using Dish-detergent in the Clothes Washer / Never Checking the Oil / Video-taping the Stagette / Letting that Hot guy from the Hockey-team video tape slightly-tipsy porn-star-you...

"Wow, 'Johnny'/'Jenny', that was a Dummm Asss thing to do; you are a Dumass!"
od uživatele Jane R. 15. Prosinec 2004
1.One who's level of intelligence is comparable to that of their own ass.

2.One who's actions suggest that they might be thinking with their own ass, though it, like their brain, lacks the ability to make intelligent decisions.

See also dumnass
dum ass
dumn ass

(Don't spend too much time on these alternatives, sperm-for-brains. They all mean the same thing.
Jesus. Dumass.
Maybe if you weren't such a dumass, people wouldn't kick you.
od uživatele kyleisnotajew 29. Červenec 2005
stupid person.
also Alexander Dumas from the Shawshank Redemption. When the redneck mispronounces the authorof the Man in the Iron Mask and Tim Robbins'character sets him straight.
Shut up Monsieur Dum-ass!
od uživatele doggbutt 24. Září 2003

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