a complete failure, or a waste of weed
coleman is such a dud
od uživatele typhy 03. květen 2007
southern slang for clothing
Boy your lookin' ratty. We need to get you some new duds.
od uživatele southernbreedboy 17. březen 2010
Really lazy and dry way of saying Dude.
"Yo...dud...gimme some of your fries."
"Fucks that."
od uživatele TFE 20. únor 2007
if you dont know what dud is; then your a dud.
what a dud.
od uživatele stickplot1 03. květen 2009
Did upside down;Originated in Passaic, NJ...Originator:P-Block
John: Yo that chick is hot
Me: I dud

Neal: She goota fatty
Me: I know I dud
od uživatele MyPenisbig 13. prosinec 2010
jane: yo georgia, i got da dud nigga!
georgia: dat shit iz sick, you one craaazy muhhh fucker!
od uživatele toby2009 07. září 2009
Dick you down.
Hey baby when you gone let me dud? :)
od uživatele AIMoopsididthatt 07. březen 2009

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