White word for nigga
white:wuts up dude?
black:wuts happenin nigga?
od uživatele Dan 15. Únor 2004
A wart on a horses dick
hey Pete I dare you to lick the dude.
od uživatele big warren 05. Listopad 2003
an ingrown butt hair
need i elaborate?
od uživatele Ishkabibble 05. Listopad 2003
Ingrown Anal Hair
(Your ad here)
od uživatele Zach G. 27. Říjen 2003
"Dude" means bug in Arabic. Everytime I hear it I can never get passed how annoying it can get to hear people call you a bug.
Jock: Dude, that was awesome!
od uživatele dangerouslyfuzzy 13. Prosinec 2008
Some kid told me it was the inside intestines of a female cow but i am not sure.
Take a look at this dude will you?
od uživatele eze stank 12. Duben 2007
Something my "white home dawgs" call each other.
White home dawg: Hey dude!
Me: Haha I heard that means whale penis in german.
od uživatele Ambah 17. Březen 2004

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