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To say bye, peace, or I'm out to ya homies, friends, G's or anything else you want to say.
Friend 1: Aye wuz good homie?
Friend 2: Nutin' much. Wuddup wit u G?
Friend 3: Aye cuz, I gotta go, so duces.
Friend1&2: A'ight duces kid duces.
od uživatele U don't need 2 no 21. Únor 2009
265 159
saying bye, originates from putting up two fingers.
im bout to hit it, duces
od uživatele Sammy AKA fame "gettin up" 31. Leden 2005
821 178
Duces: the act of telling one that you are about to take a leave of abcence derived from (Peace) or Chuckin the Duces(putting up two fingers ie=peace
Man1:Hey, I've done all my work and I even did back up, so Imma get out of here okay.
Man2: okat that's fine tanks for all you work
Man1"no problem Bro
Man2:see ya
od uživatele PROD!-G 21. Leden 2008
425 146
to take a nice long shit
im off to take a "duce"
od uživatele fish fuckker 29. Duben 2007
313 178
Similar to the peace sign and is used often in Houstin, Texas as a greeting.
Chuck a duce when your swangin.
od uživatele Brandon Dizzle 27. Duben 2006
213 190
Duce is:
1. A tough street gang in the almaden valley.
2. A chill way of saying: later, bye, peace out ect. (usually used more on the southcoast/westcoast.)
2. Instead of saying later dude, you can say "duce", thus it serves its perpose.
od uživatele Jadechronic08 26. Květen 2006
132 115
Duce is the name given to a tribe of angry pot heads, very lazy in nature but good at editing. They also lack zombie killing skills.
Child: look at that Duce Mommy.
Mother: Don't stare honey you know how shit at zombies they are.
od uživatele 32L 19. Leden 2011
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