(past v.) To be removed from the active roster. This can apply to music artists, sport stars etc.
He is dropped

That band is dropped.
od uživatele Kung-Fu Jesus 16. květen 2004
Drunk and Chopped
Man that dude is dropped as hell
od uživatele dubcity10 01. květen 2011
the act of getting inebriated.

originated in Mullica, New Jersey.
od uživatele t-hazeee 02. leden 2010
Refers to the peson who juss got dissed. Dropped to the lowest level of reputation
Ohhh, Tyrique juss got dropped son!
od uživatele JDawg8977 09. listopad 2007
when u run up behind some1 and drop their trousers in public, usually to cause embarassment or just 2 look lyk an ardnut in front of ur boiz.
rudeboi 1: Yeah bruvting i dropped that tramp and he'd shat hes pants...yeah blud init
rudeboi 2: ur mum
od uživatele wudeboi 12. červenec 2007
the action of down-shifting in a manual transmission vehicle. usually referring to the downshift preceding a race.
i dropped on that WRX and he didn't know what hit him.
od uživatele joe 14. leden 2004
To give birth.
Has your missus dropped yet?
od uživatele squid 18. srpen 2003
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