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verb : one male ejaculates into a woman's ass crack, then another male scoops up the cum with his penis then makes another woman suck it all off.
After a wild night at Mirage, Mikey and his friend double dip-sticked their underaged, drunken bitches.
od uživatele 1-800-Asian Dave 01. Říjen 2007

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bitches crack cum dip dip-stick double drunken mikey mirage off scoops stick suck underaged verb
A thin tube, rod, or otherwise thin long object used to insert into the urethra of one gentleman half way. The other end is inserted into another gentlemans urethra, the result, double dipsticking.
Jims: Yo bro, you got the double dipstick?

Slapdick: Yeah man.

Jims: Sweet, my dick has been itching for a double-dipsticking.
od uživatele angrysomeoneelsehasmyname 31. Březen 2008