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A way to dress that mixes trash and class: Denim on the top and bottom.
Werd homesauce, that hydro worker is sporting some sick double denim.
od uživatele DaRoof Fiddler 09. Únor 2009
50 10
When someone wears jeans AND a jean jacket and/or more articles of clothing made of 'jean'.
"Good God, look at that guy!"
"Yea, talk about double denim!"
od uživatele Nikki+Kristi 30. Březen 2006
52 19
The act of wearing Denim Jeans accompanied by a classy Denim Jacket or Denim Button-Up Shirt. Usually done by math teachers who wear the ensemble exclusively on Fridays.
That kid is doing double denim Fridays.
od uživatele HYDKEKCDKD 28. Říjen 2009
26 14