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Generic word for drugs of all kinds. The term comes from butyrate dope, which is a modeller's form of aircraft dope, or plasticised lacquer, which inhaled could cause altered states, as in huffing glue. Any model rocket builder who has painted with butyrate dope knows how strong its fumes are, even from a small can.
Man, that dope is mellow.
od uživatele urbanzson 21. Srpen 2009
1 6
to suffer from an impaired reaction time
strobe dancing is dope!
od uživatele Mr. Kilroy 25. Září 2008
2 7
What I Am And What Your Not
Kasey: Hi Im Kasey And Im Heck Of Dope
You: ok
od uživatele Kasey Fiiona 01. Září 2008
6 11
anything that alters your mind - aka mind altering drugs
i just smoked some dope

you got any dope?

i'm so dopesick
od uživatele clayton g 27. Duben 2008
7 12
Back in the 50's and 60's, dope meant "news" or "gossip"
For instance, if you wanted to know what was going on, you'd say:

What's the dope?
od uživatele Jeremy Pedersen 03. Květen 2005
36 41
adjective: slang, used to describe how good something or someone is
"Yo man, I liked what you did onstage man, it was dope"
od uživatele noangel1987 19. Září 2009
1 7
Dope is also referred to as ice. AKA Meth.
Hey man you got that dope?
I got some killer dope.
od uživatele Austin-AKA_the_Dope_Boy 13. Červenec 2007
2 8