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1. An exclamatory abbreviation to show agreement or understanding of a situation.

2. A word to point out an event or happening near by to friends.
1. (friend says to friend) Yo, you down to go get some taco bell?
(friend replies) Dizz, can i cop two bucks?

2.( Friends are sitting down eating or out in public when hot girl walks by; first of the group to notice exclaims) DIZZ.
od uživatele Coupsdeville 22. Březen 2008
27 18
another term for smokeless tobacco
hey bro do you ahve a can of dizz on you?
od uživatele Dizzdoctor 24. Září 2010
7 3
Hispanic for
uno-"wup dizz?"
dos-"ma dick soar n ma dizz burns"
od uživatele mansatan 11. Únor 2010
11 7
Another word for what's up, or to ask someone what their problem is.
You're just walking down the corridor and then you see your friends! So you go up to them and you shout as loud as you can "What's the dizz!?"
Your just walking down the hallway and then some guy runs into you, so you turn around, push them and say "Dude! What's your dizz?!"
od uživatele Mr. Tomato Head 04. Duben 2011
5 4
An abbreviation of dismal.
Dizz! I can't believe Morrissey canceled another show.
od uživatele rimbaudsix 22. Srpen 2009
5 6
Dizz is an abbreviation. It really is short for "dirty jizz" or semen that has been contaminated by dirt or unclean particles. It is not to be mistaken for dizzy which means something else altogether.
"Oh no, there is semen in that dirt pile!"
"It is no longer just semen; it is dizz!!!!"
od uživatele RedRock 17. Říjen 2006
21 27
Meaning something dumb, or stupid.
Also meaning dis.
That's dizz son!
O, dizz!
od uživatele K-ara 10. Květen 2007
3 16