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Refers to women who have large areolas. The circumference of the top of a dixie cup would be comparable to the size of the areola.
LOVE Those Dixie's !!! "
od uživatele EASTERN STAR ☼ 28. Červenec 2010
to watch out for a member of authority while a friend is doing something illegal or stupid. when they shout dixies it means you have to stop the illegal activity and run away.
bryan was rolling a fatty so i had to keep dixies.
od uživatele CrAkHeAd1991 27. Leden 2009
D.I.X.Y. stands for Double. I (one in roman numarals) and XY a modern man. so it is Double plus 1 = triple XY so XXXY which is an extra femine male
omg man he is such a Dixy
od uživatele Shade ;) 18. Prosinec 2008