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1. the penis

2. a stupid or obnoxious person
Shut up you sleazy dipstick.
od uživatele Light Joker 17. Duben 2007
341 89
Penis. See also to dip ones stick.
I saw his dipstick in the moonlight and my word did I get a fright. And that on a saturday night !
od uživatele muffindamule 06. Říjen 2006
327 168
one who's brain compacity is less than a long thin piece of metal used to check oil levels.
your such a dip stick
od uživatele josh 29. Duben 2003
159 48
shady, unattentive, unaware, clueless.

That dip-stick Joe forgot his wallet on the countertop table, again.
od uživatele Chioma 03. Srpen 2006
7 5
1) A tool used to test urine to find diseases in the kidneys or other parts of the excretory system.

2) A derogatory term used to describe a person.
-The dipstick revealed an excess amount of protein in the man's urine.

-That guy's a freaking dipstick!
od uživatele Egaro 16. Únor 2009
34 44
A dipstick is when an individual walks up to an unsuspecting (seated) female victim and proceeds to stick his finger down her partially exposed ass-crack. He then looks her in dead in the eye and sniffs his fingers. Always a good ice-breaker.
After chad dipsticked kerry at unh in 2006, she knew they would be together forever.
od uživatele BDPclub 04. Duben 2010
21 36
A versatile tool, obtained near any park or garden.

Most oftenly used by schoolkids to poke around in stuff (usually mudpools)

this tool is named a dipstick

fine example of a dipstick
od uživatele Indi Dae 15. Únor 2009
17 33