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A city in Texas:

Ding Dong, Texas
G: I live in Ding Dong
D: fag...
od uživatele DDDD 24. Leden 2008
The penal area of a man's genitalia
Ohhh you touch my tralala, hmmm my ding ding dong....

-Gunther and The Sunshine Girls
od uživatele David Greiner 06. Květen 2005
A more proper way of telling someone they are a complete fucking idiot. Commonly said with a short rap on one's own head for emphasis.

Used in situations where sayign the words "complete fucking idiot" may get you in trouble, such as school.
That screen door was closed and you walked right through it, you ding-dong!
od uživatele moi 20. Duben 2004
A PENIS, usually quite tiny.
His dingdong was tiny, it made me giggle.
od uživatele Tjonez(nexopia) 24. Květen 2005
Idiot or penis

A silly word used to instigate fights.
"You're a fucking ding-dong"


"Suck my ding-dong, please"
od uživatele ZT 09. Červen 2005
The sound a doorbell makes.
The shiny doorbell went ding-dong.
od uživatele stupdawg 20. Duben 2009
its what you call a person when they have done something stupid
sarah :" hey look a dead bird"
louise: looks up "where"
sarah: " no u dingdong"
od uživatele c_a_s_s_y 02. Září 2007