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A word which chavs use when they can't understand your insults.
"Fail, faggot."
od uživatele smige 05. Březen 2005
8 21
One who's head resembles a penis.
That neo-nazi over there is a dickhead.
od uživatele GoodfellaSnoop 31. Říjen 2004
5 18
a person that pisses me off in traffic
Did u see that dickhead cut me off?
od uživatele Connie 23. Červen 2003
15 30
see democrat
We need to round up all the liberals and send them to a far off place.
od uživatele charles 15. Únor 2004
7 23
1. Person with penis growing from forehead.
2. Person with a head resembling that of a penis.
3. Someone with a dick for a head.
od uživatele Roffonopolis 01. Červen 2003
7 24
A person with a big floppy penis on their head, typically the forehead.
you are a dickhead
od uživatele john 02. Listopad 2002
10 27
The head of the Dick or Penis
Also known as the Glans.
To insult a person this term may be used or the word putts, for the male genitalia.
You are really a putts.
od uživatele me 14. Říjen 2002
8 26