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Often thought to be the male sexual reproductive organ, it is actually a cave mans beard. Licked clean by the female, the caveman then grunts to show his manly hood before stroking his dick.
You man, look at that guys dick! I want one, but i can't grow it!
od uživatele mattizle 16. Květen 2005
An official slang name for a police man
It is said by John, in a classic Family Feud episode, where Richard Dawson asks a question:

Richard: Name a slang name for a police man.

John: Dick!
od uživatele Andron 16. Leden 2010
1) Something a man masterbates with.
2) An inapropriate word for an a man/woman you disslike
3) A thing a Pussy slides on
4) A sex object
5) An object used to rape niggers in prison
1) I stroke my Dick tell I cum
2) You Fucking Dick-Head
3) Hey Bitch, come slide on my Dick
4) Im'a Fuck his Dick
5) Pull your pants down you nigger your about to get a dick in your ass, and don't fight it
od uživatele Big Platuim Balls 27. Listopad 2009
The first name for a man named Cheney.
Dick Cheney
od uživatele D J.W. 09. Říjen 2008
Tyler Harris of Columbia, MS.
Tyler is such a fucking dick.
od uživatele atown69 23. Srpen 2008
1. The hard thing in a males pants.
2. Short for Richard
3. George Bush
4. total losers
1. My dick is massive.

2. Dick was inside that girls ass.

3. Yes! The dick is leaving office soon! (not to be capitalized)

4. You are a dick.

Another example:

dick and Dick are a bunch of dicks that eat dick.
od uživatele parad0x1cal 25. Únor 2008
What your mom sucked last night
"suck my dick." "my mom did it already." "wow..."
od uživatele LordAroyeum 04. Únor 2010