Ebonics/slang. Used along with a barrage of both animal names and derrogatory words to refer to friends. Usually used in conjunction with nigga.
Damn nigga, this shit so whack, dawg.
(The multiple references to a subject are common in Ebonics)
od uživatele Blackanese 25. červen 2004
1. A friend or acquaintance
2. A blood gang member
1. Yo, whaddup, dawg, how u doin?
2. Mayn, thas my dawg, he ain't roll with no blue
od uživatele Bro0kLyN KiD 26. únor 2004
a nigga that you be chiefin with
ay dawg pass me that blunt
od uživatele Karen 12. prosinec 2003
a term used to give the user a false sence of brotherhood
od uživatele Anonymous 31. červenec 2003
a slang term used to identify a male cohort
Come on dawg!
od uživatele Jimmy 09. duben 2003
Naming or calling you friend, simply receiving their attention.
'sup dawg, how's it going?
od uživatele caddyy 01. prosinec 2005
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