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Double anal penetration.
When two guys have their dicks up a whor's ass (Ouch!!)
i cant believe that porn star was daped by two guys
od uživatele Hersh85 12. Červenec 2009
43 148
another form of the word dip, which refers to the tobacco used in chewing tobacco. the pinch of tobacco that one puts in between the lower lip and gums.
dip chew tobacco chewing tobacco
Yesterday, after baseball practice, i took a dap.
od uživatele zach-attack 04. Únor 2007
13 118
credit, or props, after deserving respect for a correct prediction in a sports game.
Yo D, gimme some dap for the sox game
od uživatele Jamemes 04. Květen 2005
39 144
the ceremonious action of two people exchanging props with one another by giving knuckle to knuckle props
"Hey mom. you just scored 50,000 on TextTwist, give me some dap"
od uživatele hulkshrekdude 02. Srpen 2005
77 183
Disadvantaged person. A nerd/geek/loser/stu/socially disadvantaged person of the highest order.

For best effect, add excessive pronunciation of its consonants.
Jack: "Oh no! I just dropped all my pokemon cards on the floor!"

Jill: "Dap."
od uživatele Mr Scruff 28. Březen 2009
4 111
Digital Archiving Product - a device for archiving electronic data, PDA's being the most popular.
I need a new DAP with more memory...I've got way too many photos on this one!
od uživatele dual-ity 05. Říjen 2005
19 126
Deep Anal Penetration

To be completely dominated. Other entries include own, pwn, ream.
I got completely DAPPED playing Halo with Steve yesterday.

That exam totally dapped me!
od uživatele Vi-La 14. Srpen 2005
30 137