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to hurt deeply, usually in an emotional way. References the quick of a fingernail or claw and the pain that results when the nail is cut back too far and usually bleeds
Susie Mae's stealin' my boyfriend/brother just plain cut to the quick.
od uživatele Walking Colloquialism 01. Duben 2004

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skip the fluff, tell whats important.
Georgie: bla bla bla bla bla
Reese: Cut to the quick Georgie, i havent got all day.
od uživatele crayola 30. Březen 2004
Fuckin' in the butt.
Man you really cut to the quick, my ass hurts like the dickens, just like that time Mac Brown cut me to the quick!
od uživatele anal n gus 30. Srpen 2008