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A homosexual that is unable to fathom his own homosexuality and inability to play the Xbox game Halo 2. Usually blames his own lack of skill with cheating or cheap tactics.
Corwan- "wow...you guys are gay, that was a cheap kill you back-stabbing cheater"
od uživatele Tarvinator 10. Únor 2005

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A homosexual person who sucks so bad at Halo and Halo 2 that he is the constant subject of endless ridicule from his opponents and "friends".
I don't want Corwan on my team, you take him this time!
od uživatele Hoopsplat 10. Únor 2005
a homosexual male having the false impression that he is skilled at halo
a male with the name of cory
od uživatele People Against Bad Players 09. Únor 2005