A nice way of saying "I don't give a shit."
"I just lost a tooth!"
od uživatele Lightning Phoenix 20. listopad 2015
Basic foundation of cool; No desire to be where you're not wanted.
Not cool dude, no one asked you.
od uživatele metalbethyname 24. červenec 2015
Cool is used in a conversation when the person doesn't care or wants to act like they care. Cool.=doesn't care. Cool!=They either legitimately care or are pretending to
"hey I rolled some joints"

od uživatele chicagoman619 01. květen 2015
The word everyone uses when they don't care and they want you to shut up. If your talking and your "friend" says cool that's ur que to shut up.
"Cool" Ashley Benson said as the hair stylist blabbed on.
od uživatele Prettylittleliars763 27. duben 2015
you're cool which means you're an constipated over weighted old lady
od uživatele cupcakelover2.0 20. leden 2015
the best way to annoy someone.
guy 1: hi

guy 2: cool

5 hours later of saying cool

guy 1: SHUT UP!

guy 2: lol
od uživatele whyyousostupid 14. prosinec 2012
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