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Got Milk?
od uživatele Just Like Campbells...MmMm Good 21. Červen 2003
The money inside the cookie jar (see cookie jar)
"yes man did you get the cookies?"
od uživatele r!chard 16. Říjen 2007
Either a man's or a woman's ass.
Look at all the cookies you got damn!!!

Or my goodness you got some cookies on you
od uživatele Marshal Law 10. Srpen 2007
morning sex/having sex in the morning after having had sex the night before (with the same partner)
Jill always has her sex with cookies
od uživatele s-mill 30. Květen 2007
Term meaning extremley easy or having the intention of knowing you did good. Like tha saying ez as pie.
Man tht class is fucken cookies.

That girl is cookies, you wanna hit.
od uživatele Twany 08. Květen 2006
a guys balls...can be big or small
yo i got mad big cookies!
od uživatele Jenn* 07. Květen 2006
cookies are these lil thing u eat that are sooo good!! would yall say oreos are cookies?? if so they're the BEST!! mmm GOOD!!! lol yall want sum of my cookies lol!!
OMG these cookies are sooo good!!
od uživatele Maegan 10. Duben 2005
Is What Crack Looks Like After It Is Cooked.

Alot Of Crack
"You Out There Selling Them Nickles And Dimes, Bitch I'm Out There Selling Them Cookies"
od uživatele DMoney 04. Prosinec 2003