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a fuckin awesome little piece of skin and nerve endings which, apparently when licked , will make a chick love you for ever (or at least say that)
clit, cliturus, clitiris, clitorus, etc...
od uživatele Big Bear Stalker 28. Srpen 2003
7727 2507
A small, pink bud at the front of the opening of the vulva and the main source of the female's sexual pleasure. Female version of the penis.

AKA. The Good Spot.

Warning: can be too sensitive for direct stimulation.
Women are not given sexual pleasure through deep penetration with a large penis; all it gives them is a pain in the cervix. Le clitoris is the star of the show.
od uživatele Sam 15. Leden 2005
5734 3070
A dot-shaped nub located in the vulva above the vagina and labia minora, but below the labia majora and covered by a small hood of skin for protection against over-stimulation. The clitoris is extremely sensitive and is the primary means for a woman to achieve sexual pleasure (although vaginal orgasms are also possible for some women). When the human female is sexually aroused the clitoris fills with blood and the many condensed nerve endings become even more sensitive, whereby enough stimulation of the clitoris can result in a female orgasm, which releases the pressure by means of .08 second apart contractions throughout the vulva.
If you want a women to experience orgasm you may which to stimulate her clitoris manually, with a vibrator or with your tongue.
od uživatele entry_grrl 16. Červenec 2005
4130 2168
Source of unbelievable pleasure in a woman. Looks like a tiny pink Smartie.
Mmmm... very lickable...
od uživatele Alianne 07. Září 2003
3623 2229
A girl's button, or hot spot.
When you touch a girl's button she says ooooh!
od uživatele Punkette 26. Prosinec 2002
2956 1883
Nature's rubix cube
Her clitoris was so big it was like an erection
od uživatele Sinwah 18. Červen 2004
2618 1682
the female organ whose purpose is sexual pleasure.
If you seriously can't find the clitoris, you're either 15 years old or gay.
od uživatele STEVE 06. Duben 2005
1965 1180