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The act of slapping a Cunt.
Do you want to get clapped I didn't think so.
od uživatele Juan and Asian prodution 18. Srpen 2011
a. To quickly bring together one's hands rapidly to produce a sound, in essence a small shockwave

b. Slang for gonorrhea
I've got the clap and I'm giving it to you,
I've got the clap and I'm giving it to you,
I've got the clap and I'm giving it to you,
Who's got the clap?
I do! I do!
od uživatele WasBob 14. Červenec 2010
shoot with firearm
act up, get clapped up.
od uživatele mister ill 19. Květen 2003
to bus a shot, or shoot and kill someone.
I should clap your punk ass right here.
od uživatele Jago 12. Duben 2003
The action of bringing both hands together producing a noise to cover up the sound caused by farting. The fart associated with this clap is know as a clap-fart or clap-farting.
An applause would be a long series of continuous farts. In this case coughing might be better.
Y.T.: *clap*...*clap* *clapclapclapclap*
JRan: "AWW MAN! You're killin' me!"
od uživatele WhyteBredd 30. Srpen 2007
to bust a gun you dont gotta shoot somebody just to clap but you could clap a nigga easy
i got beef wit dat nigga ******* ima clap his bitch ass
od uživatele mightymouze 25. Červenec 2006
To kill someone generally by use of a gun.
"Yo, he got clapped!"
od uživatele Dana 28. Říjen 2003