Trying to be cute when not
Niggas mad chips; Shes mad chips
od uživatele BlackSupaMAn 06. květen 2013
to smoke marijuana/weed
Dude lets go chip at the beach
od uživatele friendlyjerlena 31. leden 2011
A secret word for Cigarette. This word is used when you talk to your friends about wanting to smoke but your parents are within earshot.
I'm going to go for a chip.

It's raining. Let's go eat a chip.
od uživatele Napia 14. říjen 2010
If something is chips, it's okay, if something isn't chips, it's not okay. That's that.
Me: "That's just not chips, mate."
od uživatele "P Nizzle" 16. únor 2010
A quick hit, usually to the face or chin. To punch or jab someone.
Yo I swear da next time I see dat nigga imma chip him
od uživatele jerz nigga 25. březen 2009
being instructed to run, leave quickly
yo! u best chip now or ya gettin a beatin
od uživatele Mack-S12 28. říjen 2008
the dried feces stuck to the tip of the penis after unprotected anal sex
when jerry finally pulled out, he had chip on his tip
od uživatele scuttlebutt 06. březen 2008

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