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Spanish: To strike someone. Hard. Usually in a fight, but sometimes by accident. The plural of this is chingasos.

Me dio un chingaso en la frente! = He hit me upside my forehead!

Quires unos chingasos? = You wanna go to blows?
od uživatele Noir 20. Červen 2006
go to blows, a beating
od uživatele VAKI5 18. Srpen 2003
Spanish slang, usually Mexican. It is slang for a "fucker." Coming from the word "chingada."
Marty: Emily, you get the fuck out you puta. Go suck someone else's dick!
Emily: Fuck you pinche chingaso!
od uživatele martinBeezy 05. Červen 2006
Urban Spanglish, "big dick". A macho gang leader OR a large penis
1.) Hector will kick your ass; he is the chingaso around here
2.) The restaurant serves a dish called a Chimichanga Chingaso because it's made of meat and looks like a big dong
od uživatele Jagger Shaft 14. Červenec 2006