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slang name for Chicago
Let's roll into chi town
od uživatele AC 09. prosinec 2003
ghetto word for chicago
My niggaz up in Chi-town
od uživatele orionedt 17. květen 2003
nick name for Chicago. Used mostly by south side residents, and famous people from the city, giving props to their hometown.
"What up all my chi-town boyz?"

"I'm from Chi-Town"

"Dawg I went to Chi-Town and rode The El into the north side"
od uživatele K 03. červenec 2004
A term used for Chicago, Illinois
Siiit dawg we gonna get us some Chi town pussay!
od uživatele Oliva335354235 28. říjen 2006
I nickname for chicago
I'm from chi-town. Respesent!
od uživatele DymeP 02. únor 2006
Chi-town(aka "tha chi")-
A city full with real pple that aint pussy-ass bitches. Chi-town, or 2 others known as Chicago, is the heart of the Mid-west. It is located in Illinios. This city is also were many real gangsta, not fake-ass wankstas, are from.
"Chi-town representing"
"Tha Chi is the greatest city ever"
"I live in Chicago"
od uživatele LaDYCHi 05. prosinec 2004
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