Top Definition
to be shot.
"man that dumb ass was talkin shit so i just whipped out my pistol and capped that mutha fuka!"
od uživatele drew_meister 19. březen 2003
im going to cap your ass honky
od uživatele david dickinson 08. červenec 2003
A word used by Graffiti writers, ;to be capped out

-when one writer goes over or marks a line threw any other writer..
Dat fuck'n TOY capped me out son!
od uživatele uneek_78238 27. srpen 2007
To be shot, shot.
"I capped that bitch's ass"
od uživatele gr0ut 08. prosinec 2002
When the internet usage is used up, and the speed of the internet is extremely slow.
I have 60GB a month and i used it all up! Damnit i'm capped!
od uživatele misscherrypop 29. prosinec 2009
when you've exceeded your internet usage.
no internet left.
I cant watch, im capped.

I cannot view this online video because I am capped.
od uživatele Ramzai 25. říjen 2011
to be the subject of insult; to be made fun of
"you totally just capped on me but it was funny as all hell"
od uživatele tracy 08. prosinec 2004
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