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In economics, (1) Materials or equipment used to produce goods (e.g., tools, parts, inventory, buildings, fixtures, hours of training); or (2) money that is used in a business venture. Capital is created by saving, rather than consuming, economic output. Over time, saving accumulates into capital; it also depreciates.
The total amount of capital in an economy is very important in determining total output.
od uživatele abu yahya 03. Srpen 2008
54 15
essential to success; see key
Joe: I brought 4 cases of beer.
Nick: Capital.
od uživatele John 08. Březen 2004
67 30
A given (usually high) amount of cash.
If you don't work them streets, that capital's gonna get peeled back.
od uživatele THCzombie 29. Duben 2005
29 25
A city denoted by a star on a map
In cartography, Bolivia is very important. It has 2 capitals, La Paz and Sucre. A gold star for Bolivia, or rather 2 gold stars for Bolivia.
od uživatele El Professor 17. Červen 2009
16 15
to express sarcastic approval
When she found it he was coming to the party, she said, "Oh, capital!"
od uživatele justfivefeet 12. Říjen 2004
29 34
cigarette, or a pack of cigarettes.
yo, grab me a pack of Camel capitals.
od uživatele C.J. Henry 22. Únor 2004
7 49