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North Eastern English slang for something good or nice. There is no bigger compliment than being called canny.
She's a right canny lass
od uživatele Julie 06. Květen 2004
487 194
normal/ usual- opposite of uncanny
Jeans and hoodies are a canny combination.

My daily routine is a canny one.

Being emo (and depressed all the time) is not very canny.

A teenager acting like a baby is anything but canny.
od uživatele CannyVanni 05. Leden 2011
203 94
Geordie slang for a really genuine and kind hearted person. Someone who is just all round nice. They always mean well.
That girl's dead canny.
od uživatele Mikay 18. Srpen 2005
238 152
Half Penis, Half Vagina
Oh you have a canny?
od uživatele Mikcap 24. Březen 2010
134 128
North Eastern background. Meaning Quite, or rather.
Thats canny good.

She's canny dead.
od uživatele Lucky 12. Červenec 2004
166 164
1. A good, kind-hearted person (often a girl), or to be good and kind-hearted
2. Rather or quite
3. Normal/usual (opposite of uncanny)
4. A variant of cannae, cannee, which is a way of saying "can not" (particularly with a Scottish accent)
1. She's a canny lass
2. That's canny good
3. A hoodie and jeans are a canny combination
4. I canny do it!
od uživatele Xelacalle 12. Únor 2011
39 51
shrewd, careful
the canny ho stole ma shit stained jeans... -tears-
od uživatele AsadZero2 12. Říjen 2011
14 30