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to thrust forcefully with ones erect penis
I will cack joust you in the back
od uživatele Mitchelll 03. Září 2006

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the above definition is actually refferring to a cockjoust which is the thrusting of an erect penis. cackjoust is in fact referring to a homosexual person. cack meaning shit , poo. joust meaning - push , thrust , ie . the thrusting of a penis into an anus (cack)genrally of a male.
err. dude you are a fucking cack jouster

you blatenly cackjoust on da reg , you fag.
od uživatele Jack Da Rippa 13. Květen 2005
1.To thrust with an erect male penis

Did you see Will cack joust that girls face?
I will cack joust your eye out!
od uživatele wpiiltlt 22. Květen 2003