Whatever the fuck the North End feels like
Hey Spliff, you fucking cack, pass some fucking beer.
od uživatele cackster 23. únor 2005
Nickname for Police Officers
"Uh oh, dont speed, theres a cack!"
od uživatele hayley 27. únor 2004
Urban term for a Penis greater than 8" Inches.
"I" pulled out my CACK, and dat girl forgot all abut her boyfriends cock.
od uživatele D Dizzle My Nizzle 23. prosinec 2003
I cacked it to that hot bitch.
I love cacking it.
Last night was a solo cack fest.
od uživatele karpimp101 06. listopad 2003
gay person with small dick
od uživatele Anonymous 21. červenec 2003
Anything derogatory, offensive, or degrating.
You have nothing but cack on the mind.
od uživatele Fun 16. duben 2003
reference to intercourse
"i cacked her mad quick, then left"
od uživatele portuguesegoose 19. duben 2009
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