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When you find something to be utter bull shit. To make shit up when your cracked out.
DC: I have aready sold 300 pounds of un-caught fish.

Jenny: I call burl you fat bitch!
od uživatele JJ & DC 10. Srpen 2008
16 21
1.) To kick an extreme amount of ass

2.) To drive over something out of the ordinary in a kickass way.

3.) Or like stated by another user... as anything.
1.) Pabst Blue Ribbon is burl!

2.) Hey, lets go burl that median.
od uživatele Kellan Miller 16. Duben 2004
22 27
The beard of a woman. Usually thick like a man's beard, just on a woman.
This bitch has got to have the thickest burl I have ever seen in my life. It looks like a squirrel nest.
od uživatele Manville No Homo 28. Říjen 2010
3 10
to creep an excessive amount. typically done in a dungeon of sorts or a locker room. burling tends to be repeated numerous times with various females
Girl- Hey can i go home, its getting late?
Burl- No bitch, suck my cock
(Forced sexual intercourse follows)
od uživatele theloneraper(creature lover) 20. Červen 2010
11 18
"To Burl" is the act of blowing into a pipe (generally used for non-tobacco smokables) to clean it of all debris after use. Origins: really high people.
Alex: Dude, this is cashed.
Danny: Burl it before you pass it back and I'll repack it.
Thomas: I already burled it, retard.
od uživatele K. Murphy 24. Listopad 2008
16 23
a word used for anything,
oi drake burl me that
od uživatele Gibbo 02. Září 2003
8 15
when you have to much to eat and some of the stuff you just had comes back into your mouth. Burp + hurl.

Dude are you alright?

Yeah I just burled a little.
od uživatele philmatic 13. Září 2008
5 13