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extremely comfortable
Poshka was used to sleeping on the street but when the nice lady gave hime shelter, a warm meal, then a fireside bed, he was as bumfy as a man could be.
od uživatele provider44 15. Leden 2010
5 3
Bumf is British slang for useless printed material. Bumfy is more of an adjective.
Miranda this proposal you've written is completely bumfy.
od uživatele Ken K. 30. Březen 2006
5 3
Refers to a sexual position. It is sitting on the toilet and taking a shit and getting a blowjob at the same time.
I got a fantastic bumfy off that chick last night.
od uživatele Ben Pollard 09. Leden 2006
8 7
getting drunk partying
I know Joe and all of them will be getting bumfy tomorrow so we should go.
od uživatele iamtherealking 05. Duben 2011
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