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a word used to describe a chubby kid


kid 1: yo kid ur soo bubby
cullen: shutup
od uživatele pittsucks22896 25. Březen 2009
babies, infants, toddlers
look at the little babies!
od uživatele cura 25. Srpen 2005
female genitalia also referred to as cooter; coochy; muffin; carpet; snatch; hot pink taco; bearded clam; fanny; sideways sloppy joe; flapper; snapper
On a daily basis there are several suitors that knock upon my door, all wondering if they can take a peek at my bubby.
od uživatele megcon 14. Červen 2007
A little more than a chubby but not quite a boner.
I totally got a bubby when that chick showed me her tittes that werent very big.
od uživatele bentrosper 23. Březen 2007