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= to bro, brother, dude, man, or friend
hey broseph, whats going on tonight ?
od uživatele Michael battey 17. Květen 2005
1401 313
The coolest motherfucker you know.
Oh daaamn, what's up Broseph, my main motherfucka?!
od uživatele The Brosephs 04. Leden 2008
1122 518
The highest rank a bro can obtain in all of brodom. Totally brotastic, hella tan, and consumes only beefs broganoff and Natty Light.
Bro1: Sup Brogan!
Bro2: Sup Broseph.
od uživatele GSOV 15. Prosinec 2009
648 217
Noun. Term of endearment. Also a way of life for some people in the Midwest. (synonyms: bro, chief, boss, dude)
How's it going, Broseph?
od uživatele Chris VanKula 01. Září 2005
414 329
Another term for bro, but by a more select few.
Largely used in the late 70's-mid 80's and is bein brought back in punk culture. Brospehine is the female equivalent.
Fred: Hey Broseph
Jim: Hey Bro, sup?
od uživatele your mom in 05. Prosinec 2006
279 206
term used to described a good friend/s, combination of the word bro or brother, and the name joseph... although the term has nothing to do with anyone named joseph. can be considered an evolved form of the standard "bro"
Sup man? not a lot just chillin broseph.
od uživatele $W.M.$ 20. Červenec 2010
111 59
Used primarily as a substitute for, "Damn you're pretty fucking cool and sometimes I wish we could have sex even though we're two really, really, extremely hetero males."
Sup, broseph?! You wanna have some sex, man? I can bring the heat, nah mean?
od uživatele Alphonzo Johnson 06. Říjen 2004
350 308