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1. A broken, bent, or sprained boner that was the result of having sexual intercourse with a woman/women, with tight holes.
1. "I was trying to do her in the butt last night, but brognar got the best of me."
od uživatele Aaron Ghan 17. Květen 2007
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Pronounced: broner

1. Pertains to having a boner while in close proximity to your bros
Things got a little awkward when Riley got a raging mega huge Bro-Gnar with his pledge brothers in the sauna
od uživatele WeaselTits 13. Duben 2010
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Bro or dude you shred the freshies/gnar with...as in skiing.
I'm heading up to (name a mountain) with my brognars to hit the freshies before it gets all tracked out.
od uživatele mooms 09. Leden 2009
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