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the most famous person ever to walk the face of the planet...
You know who she is dont you
od uživatele alice 01. Březen 2005
203 241
A singer from Louisiana who I got beaten up and knocked unconsious for 4 hours for saying that I like her.
I'm not gonna stop liking her just because some twats beat me senseless
od uživatele Biddy 07. Únor 2005
137 175
Nobody denies that she's sexually active; not even Britney Spears herself. Sluts are women who have sex with numbers of men without having relationships with them. Britney Spears is married. Just because she's extremely attractive and is comfortable with expressing her sexuality rather than hiding it from the media doesn't mean she's a slut.
Britney Spears is pretty damn hot and nobody can deny that.
od uživatele david 22. Leden 2005
179 217
A term used to describe a sex-kitten/singer whom I would love to tame.
Meow britney spears!
od uživatele Weezer4life 24. Prosinec 2004
107 145
a young pop singer who is both idolized and hated by many. she is very pretty and uses her sex appeal and her body, so many think she is a slut. her vocals arent very strong and her music is poppy, so many believe she has no talent. she dances well, is a tabloid staple, and graces the cover of many magazines.
hit me baby one more time
od uživatele allkat 01. Duben 2004
183 221
a celeberty; targeted by idiots, wannabes,girls,boys,people want to make fun of her.

She does have a really good talent but many people make fun of her because of how people taken her for the wrong image. Basicly, she is a popular pop singer with great singing talent and hot body, but the only con is that many people have low opinions about her.
Britney Spears kissed Maddona on the awards!
od uživatele Asshole 02. Březen 2004
156 194
A very talented and successful pop singer from Luisiana.
od uživatele Anonymous 05. Srpen 2003
163 201